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Cardigent grows dental offices by lowering their practice's cost of acquiring new customers. Our campaigns have been proven to be effective at attracting new patients and bring them back for more. Scroll down to learn our five tips for running a postcard campaign for your dental practice.

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It's a Challenge to Grow Your Dental Practice

Each year dentists will lose an average of 12% of their patients. We help dentists overcome churning patients by building intelligent campaigns that target new customers. Our campaigns allow dentists to reach and influence neighborhoods around their practice. Each postcard is designed to acquire new patients by driving website visits, phone calls, and appointments.


1. Make it Stand Out

Design your postcard so that it speaks to a potential patient. This means an eye-catching, yet professional design. Start with a great color scheme and your logo. Also, make sure that everything is spaced well and that the important bits of information are the ones that draw attention. 

2. Promote One Thing

It’s tempting to tell your potential patients about everything you have to offer. However, the reality is that you need to capture the reader’s attention fast. Postcards are effective, but that doesn’t mean that the recipient will be scanning every word. They need to be able to understand what is being 

3. Showcase Your Practice

Tell new patients how you can help them and why they should specifically come to you. For example, everyone knows that they should see a dentist on a regular basis, but what makes it a better experience at your practice? This is the information you want to include. This is your “sales pitch.”

4. Keep It Clear

Using postcards to acquire new patients should not turn into an information overload. Be genuine with the data you are including on the postcard and keep it as concise as possible. Think about what will make new patients trust you. A bunch of lengthy sales jargon and buzzwords won’t cut it. Make sure that you are only including points that are critical for new patients to know. Any more than that can cause the effectiveness of your campaign to decrease drastically.

5. Include a Call to Action

You need to include a clear call to action. Encourage new patients to contact you. You can do this by including information in your postcard that is useful. Motivate them to make an appointment. This could be something like a medical statistic, new technology or anything else that makes your practice special.

This product works! It’s worth the investment– people have been responsive to it. We average 15-20 calls the first week it drops. We’ve gotten 81 new patients and $70-80,000 in revenue for the six times we’ve mailed 
— Paul Guerrino | Promoted Dental Implant

Wrapping it Up

Using postcards to acquire new patients is a great method. While it does require some special consideration to be effective, a good design will help your practice grow. Ready to start designing your first postcard? Cardigent can help you craft the perfect campaign. We know what works and are passionate about helping you grow your business and getting results!